Sons of a Lesser God

This exhibition reflects some considerations on life - complex, ephemeral, hard, precarious, stingy, agressive, full of pressure and worries, no time left to live it. It is seen as a path, with a departure moment but interrupted by death, sometimes slow but always abrupt and with no possible arrival, since life will always be incomplete, no matter how much we want to fulfill it. In spite of being spoted by men, one can see it as beautiful and mysterious, fantastic, experential; after all, we can see it under na optimistic perspective, to find equilibrium and, then, value emotions and the feelings of the presente, since past and future do not exist. Value the space of departure, because when we divide we add and so we understand that the door is always opened and only gets closed when a cool breeze gives us a cold. If we consider this world na ullusion, in which everything happens as a dream, something thwt prentended to be because we werw sleeping, a subtle and deep indifference towards the faiths of life arises in us. more

Ar Evento Association

The Ar Evento Cultural Association, is an independent and non-profit organization based in Oporto. It operates in contemporary art, pedagogy and education, cultural and turistic leisure events. It has underlying color, flight, freedom and movement.

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