Human Relationships

Once again. Neither the firstnor the last. Once.
Are you going out? You’re going to bring your kid here or do you miss him? Are arrival and departure. A life walking in circles and seen in vértices of flat sheet of paper invented and pale in a dream af origami. Tell me how to fold that corner, as you can always bend at your feet, why do you need this fight. What gives you that power does not belong to you, it’s not yours or mine. Chases you to laugh in your face when you model home, with steps already lighter, some swings, tired of being a man.
Do you recognize me? Remember our commitment?
Will we always be here for each other? To dance when life is empties us? You’re special. Went far beyond your lips, your teeth, your ocasional tongue… I was more than your body…
Don’t turn back on me! You’re just a slut!
Come back… Sorry… I’m drunk.


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