Man were created, Woman were created. Similarly perfect. Around them everything was a divine creation, harmony.
The immense day was followed by the immense night filling the sky with all glow, playing in unpredicted geometries.
Existence ran without haste and without delay, with no fears nor desires, no will to win or fear to lose. Na endless gift. And days stayed still, unravaled at the same pace of accomplished mission and satisfied will.
Their bodies moved in balance and carried out all the functions they had been designed for, with no claims nor malice.
The man and woman were naked, but looked at each other without impulses, without interest, without malice.
It was then that God warned them. With His providential finger He pointed to the animal of inexorable agility and to the scarlet forbiden fruit hanging from an achievable branch and said that the one who tasted it would forever destroy Paradise and to earth sin, vileness and the need for redemption. Then, the woman stepped forward, stroked the snake and ate the apple.


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